Saturday, 26 July 2014

Another prize arrives

Millsy and Evan over at Canister and Grape had a give away to celebrate their 100,000th page view, with four prizes up for grabs. I came out second and received the book on War ta Sea in the Ironclad Age.
Does what it says on the box.
I'm not much of a naval gamer, having played exactly zero naval games in the past, but this hasn't stopped me acquiring, painting up and then selling fleets of tiny ships. The most recent was Dystopian Wars, which, despite a general enthusiasm at the club just never got off the ground. I do have Navwar WWI starter fleets waiting to be painted though, and I have bought the Victory at Sea rules because they look easy to understand.
This slightly earlier period has always fascinated me, though, ever since I first read about the battle of Tsushima. I then came across a second hand copy of Phil Dunn's Sea Battle games, and was intrigued at the thought of scratch-building ironclads for the battle of Lissa (never happened of course, like 98% of the projects that I dream about).
Old school watery inspiration.
Doing an ironclad project is now a step closer, but it is probably locked up some where with that 10mm 1866 Austro-Italian campaign using Pendraken figs that is also floating in the realms of 'one day'.

Thank you Millsy and Evan and here's to another 100,000 hits!



  1. Lucky win for you! I had my eye on that one too. You must follow up with a review, please?

    1. Yes, we certainly need a review. That one was Evan's and I was seriously tempted to sneak myself into the draw :-)

    2. OK guys. Gimme a chance to read it... then it's a pinky promise (can you tell I'm the father of girls?).

  2. Glad to read that it arrived in good order - happy reading!