Friday, 18 July 2014

Trojan Army and project finished

They are now all painted, so for your viewing pleasure I present the latest figures and then the two armies arrayed for battle.

Ares on the rampage!
How rampage-y is he? Just ask this poor bloke at his feet!
Better late than never! The last unit of spearmen ready for battle.
Everyone turn... a shot from another angle without the shields obscuring them.
The Trojan naturists advance to the battle, armed with javelins and high self-esteem.
Another look at the poor guy who wasn't looking when Ares fell over. Lots of fights happened over the bodies of dead warriors, so he will make a useful objective marker.
The face that sunk a thousand ships! Helen of Sparta... errr, Troy... errr, I mean Sparta - I wish she would make up her mind!
The battle in full swing!
Diomedes: 'Let me at Ares!'
Ares: Éeeek!
Hektor: ''Ýou'll have to get through me first!'
Ares: 'My hero!'
Vulture's eye view of the battlefield.
Achaeans advance. In the temple ruins can be seen the blurry form of Helen watching on as men die for no other reason than she can't keep it in her pants! (That's a bit unfair - but I don't see the real culprit - Paris - anywhere around)
Odysseus: "My wandering at sea will be a better read!"
Aeneas: "No, mine will! And my ancestors will found Rome!"
Odysseus: "Well mine will... um... screw it - you're going down blondie!"
The clash of the titans. Well, technically they are the grandchildren of titans, but close enough.


  1. Very nice figures - great paint job.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers, Steve. Just looked at your blog too. Fantastic work!

  3. Fantastic! The hide work on the shields is very nice.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. The cow pattern is getting a lot of love.