Sunday, 3 August 2014

First Gallic War unit

The project is underway and first up is the warlord and a warrior unit for the Romans. In this case it is a Legate and some Legionaries.
'For the Senate and people of Rome (but mostly for the Senate)!'
The warlord was the metal Julius Caesar figure available from Wargames Factory. That gladius needs to go on a diet!
''Let's teach these Gauls a lesson! Number 1 - how to have matching pretty shields.'
'Our iron discipline allows us to turn in formation for a profile shot!'
So there we have the first units. I have the first Gauls on the painting tray now. This consists of a hearthguard unit of naked fanatics (you'd think I'd have had enough of this kind of thing with the Trojans...) and a Warrior unit of mercifully mostly-clothed fighters.



  1. Very nicely painted and based! I cannot wait to see the Gauls, well done Sir!

    1. Thanks. The Gauls are under way as of tonight.

  2. Very nice bunch of Roman goodness!

    1. Thanks Scott. Currently painting is paused in preparation to face putting tartan on the Gauls. Approaching this with great trepidation.