Sunday, 10 August 2014

I got paint on my Gauls!

Yes, finally the Romans have some enemies. My first Gauls are a 'hearthguard' of naked fanatics and a warrior unit of... um, well... warriors.
Fanatics - How can you spend so much time doing your hair and forget to put on your trousers?
Four of the warriors - 2 figures are Renegade with their oversized meat cleaver swords. But they do look cool.
The other 4 warriors from that unit. I love the helmet with the ice cream cones on it.
A bit of a close up of the tartan which doesn't really show up in the other pictures. Basic but effective.
The fanatics will operate in exactly the same way as Berserkers for the Vikings.
I've decided that aside from the fanatics I'm not going to use hearthguard in these armies. Legionary units will be warriors, as will basic Gallic troops. The cavalry units will also be warrior cavalry with eight figures each, while the missile support will be levy.

After an inordinate amount of re-gluing with the Anglo-Danish shields, I've decided to pin all of the Gallic shields to the figures. Hopefully that will hold them on more effectively. I'll probably do the same for the Vikings when I get around to them. I am tempted to go back and pin the Anglo-Danish shields, but it inevitably means losing paint, and I really don't want to have to go back and touch those models up. I've found with metal models that no matter how well varnished they are, they will chip -usually on edges like spear butts and knuckles. Plastic doesn't do that. In fact you can drop plastic on a concrete floor and the paint will stay on even as the limbs fly across the room. Score '1' to plastic! And the shields, once glued, don't fall off - make that 2 nil.

Another unit of Gallic warriors and the warlord are currently on the painting tray. In the meantime the pre-order has gone to Lancashire Games for my birthday present - some 15mm 1914 goodness! Very excited.



  1. Outstanding work on the skins, no need more trousers...excellent paintjob!

  2. paint on your Gauls? wear some pants when you paint, that should fix it, nice set of Gauls you have there.

  3. Really nice work. love the Tartan detail. Must have taken a bit of time to do that detail.

  4. Thanks for all of the positive feedback folks. The next batch of panted-up Gauls are under way.