Sunday 29 June 2014

Homeland - a SAGA game

Friday night was the first games night for a while, and I was feeling knackered, but arranged with Michael to play a SAGA game. Since finishing the Normans I was really keen to take them for an outing. I was also keen to put my SAGA scenery into our game and so we chose the Homeland scenario from the rules. In this game a six point attacker tries to clear some buildings of a defender who has less points - in this case 4.
Michael chose to take 2 units of Warriors and 2 units of Hearthguard while I took all of the Normans.
'What a lovely day it is. Not expecting any problems, just taking our shields and spears for a walk...'
'Uh-oh! Looks like we have visitors. Lucky we are all armed and our hearthguard are all in that house together. Hang on, what would they be doing in the house together if we aren't expecting any problems...?!'
'You'll never get my Flossy!'
'I'm looking for a bulls-eye but all I can see are sheep and pigs.'
'Just shut up and shoot.'
'Run Aethelathel! Those Normans are nasty!'
'Too late!'
'Cor, I fancy a bit of that les gars! Quel un beau chien!'
'Mmmm, bacon. Non! Must stay focussed!'
'New tactic boys! We'll hide,err... I mean seek cover, behind this house.'
'Darn it! They found us!'
'Ok, now might be a good time to hide in the house'
'Sorry boss, did you say come out and fight them in the open?'
'I'm surrounded by morons...'
'Victoire!!!! Allons enfants de la patrie...'
'Oh haw haw haw! Time to party. Ou sont les moutons?'
In hindsight I don't think I was allowed to charge my hearthguard into Mike's warrior unit that was right beside the building which had been occupied by the Anglo-Danish Hearthguard, but I'm still not 100% sure. Does remaining VS away from occupied buildings unless engaging them apply if you charge a unit that is within VS of them, make them withdraw and then you are left there? (This is an open question to anyone reading.)
The battle board gave me some wicked archery in the first couple of turns from my levy and the crossbows. This was followed up by the Hearthguard charging and basically winning the day. The Norman warriors on foot pretty much sat on the sidelines and cheered.
Admittedly it took until turn 6 to win, and I don't know what might have happened if Mike had sat back in his building and saved his battle board abilities for me to charge, but in all it was still a really enjoyable game and I am proud of my new Normans.



  1. I don't think any unit can be within vs of a building (from either side). A friendly unit must occupy a building if it moves within vs of a building. If the unit doesn't have enough move left (movement is reduced to s), then the unit must stop no closer than vs from the building. Since in your game, the friendly unit was in an illegal position I wouldn't worry about your Normans also being in an illegal position ;-)

  2. Great looking game, and an entertaining report too. Great to see the Normans taking care of business! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks Paul. Business as Norman-al. Oh, that was bad...

  3. Great stuff Nate. Nice thing about SAGA is I can also do it with my LOTR Rohan and recently acquired Dunlendings... I like the style of the report too, most amusing french quips... ;-)