Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kiwis at Cassino

I've taken a break from painting the Trojan Wars project  because I like to mix up my painting in order to stop things from getting stale. My digression has been the first section in my Bolt Action World War Two project which is Kiwis vs Green Devils at Cassino (or at least in Italy).
First, a close up of the section corporal. I haven't painted his stripes yet.
The Bren gun team are part of the advance.
Here is the whole section.
All figures are Black Tree Designs. They are nice sculpts, but for some reason a few of the figures have the gas mask slung on the chest like in the First World War or the Blitzkrieg period. It doesn't offend me too much, it would just be nice if it wasn't there.
Along with the Brits I painted up some important characters that I ordered from Redoubt Enterprises.
and SHEEP!


  1. Great work on the troops...and very nice looking animals too!

  2. Cracking looking troops and love the animals too.

  3. Looks great. Funnily enough I'm halfway reading through a book about this battle,

  4. Great looking figs. Nice job!