Saturday, 2 February 2019

Anglo-Danes and Martians to begin February

I managed to finish off some painting this week, despite being back at school and the mountain of work that is already beginning to pile up. Just enough time to post the results though.
Anglo-Danish Warlord. He's hefting that double handed axe single-handedly. What a monster!

Axe-wielding loonies... errr I mean huscarles.

Right, some nice sensible spears for these guys.

And a further unit of hearthguard.

Ack Ack Ack!
 I bought Mars Attacks a few years ago. I finally got around to painting some Martians so that I can use them for Clobberin' Time. I have a few Alien races lines up for my superverse.

Homemade SAGA Dice
I bought some blank dice and printed some labels. Unfortunately the Saxon dice were just a bit too dark. They are visible, but not as clear as the Viking version. Luckily Dan accidentally bought two sets of Anglo-Saxon dice, so one of them is winging its way to me now.

I have another point of Anglo-Danes to paint this week, and 6 Hoplites to finish off my first unit for Mortal Gods. Then I have some Rebel Commandos to paint for Craig. Hopefully I can make some decent inroads into this pile over the next week.



  1. Wonderful Anglo-Danes additions, well done Nate!

  2. Very nice Dark Ages troops Nate - and the Martians are cool too!

  3. Great stuff. Very nice work on those Vikings and the Martians. cheers