Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Athenian unit for Mortal Gods completed

I have to admit that not a lot of painting has happened lately. A mysterious virus attacked and by the time I recovered it was my daughter's birthday, which managed to last all weekend. However, I di manage to finish off my first unit for the upcoming release of Mortal Gods - some heavy Athenian hoplites.

 I also finished this guy. I had no idea what to call him. The original plan of Dr Mercury was scuttled when it dawned on me that this was the name of one of the blogs that I follow (and an excellent blog it is too - loving the GI Joe 28mm project at the moment) - no wonder it felt so familiar! Dan has suggested Tanabah. What does it mean? I dunno. Sounds cool though, so that will be his name from now on.

My greys are finished too. backstory all sorted. From the alien race of the G'ysk, these little guys visit Earth regularly, abducting humans and performing degrading and humiliating experiments on them. They don't actually do this for any scientific reason, they're just amusing themselves. This is because these guys are Baserlites - the G'ysk name for their teenage hoods. Mostly the G'ysk don't really care about the Earth, but their teenagers just love screwing with humans.

 Barry (b'Ree) is an adult G'ysk. He came to Earth to help prepare the fight against an invasion from another alien planet. He'd previously come to Earth as a Baserlite and grew quite an affection for it's people. Once here he decided to stay as a member of the Alliance of Awesomeness.

Barry tells off some naughty Baserlites.

Finally I bought my 7 year old daughter this for her birthday. We've started an adventure, but boy is there a lot of reading in it. She was getting into it, but we were playing with her 9 year old sister, and they disagreed on EVERY decision. Co-operative games may not be their forte...



  1. Wonderful looking Athenian unit!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh dear... the resemblance is actually quite disturbing - I can't un-see it now... Gives me lots of ideas for his personality though ;)

  3. Very nice Greeks Nate - and I agree, the "Tanabah" does look like the Mad Bishop! Good luck indoctrinating your children into gaming - I never succeeded but a friend of mine got his girls to play the odd fantasy game with him and they are still (in their 20's) willing to kick his ass at GoT board game!