Sunday, 13 January 2019

Alliance of Awesomeness Issue #1: What moths wait in the woods?

I'm hoping there will be a lot of these posts this year. One of my goals for 2019 was to play around with the Clobberin' Time rules and come up with some add-ons, and a slightly altered activation system. Well, I have done drafts of both of these things, so now it is time to playtest.
The cover to issue #1

The idea is that every game represents an issue, complete with villain, sub-plot etc. For the first issue of the Alliance of Awesomeness, the scenario proved to be a Megalomaniac attempting a kidnap in the jungle somewhere. The initial roll for sub-plots resulted in 2 characters in the Alliance being affected. Tiger Girl rolled antipathy, which meant a dislike for a random team-mate, who turned out to be Leather Lass. Leather Lass herself rolled a sub-plot, which was unrequited love for a team-mate who was - you guessed it, Tiger Girl. Obviously Tiger Girl is less than enthusiastic about Leather Lass' crush on her. All sub-plots have an effect in game terms, but at the same time they are there to build on the characters and create their story as well.

On with out game. Somewhere in the Central American jungles of Los Nachos, President El Guano is travelling in a motorcade to his capital from an inspection of his poppy farms (ugh, so stereotypical). The villain Mothron, determined to set up a base for world conquest in Los Nachos decides to kidnap the President so that he can brainwash him into accepting his plans. The Alliance of Awesomeness, have been made aware of this by a tracker that they had placed on one of the Mothmen in a previous encounter, and have arrived in Los Nachos to uncover and foil the plot. Now read on...

The ambush is prepared. A fallen tree across the road - an oldie, but a goodie.

First on the scene is Tiger Girl, followed by Aphid and the Converter. A Mothman is dispatched to hold them up, but he misses Tiger Girl and is taken down by Aphid's bio-blast.

Tiger Girl rushes ahead to try to reach the motorcade. On the way she makes short work of a Mothman, sent to stop her.

Anbush sprung! The lead car is taken out and Mothron eyes the Presidential car.

Tiger Girl takes out another Mothman, but Mothron has managed to grab President El Guano. Will he escape?

As Mothron flies off with the President Converter and Aphid both try to take him down with power blasts.

ZAPP!!! Converter is successful. Mothron falls to the ground unconscious. The president is also knocked out.

Things aren't finished yet though. The ambitious Moth-captain makes a grab for the president's unconscious body. He is, however, surrounded. Will he be able to escape?

In the end he is caught by Leather Lass, who puts in a power punch. The president is saved!

A successful mission accomplished by the Alliance of Awesomeness!
Mothron was taken to prison in the US, along with his captured accomplices. But who knows how many other Mothmen there are in his organisation ready to carry on his work? 
President El Guano offered the Alliance a lifetime supply of tacos, which the Converter only too gladly accepted. 

This was a good game. The activation system worked well and the action flowed quite well. I was a bit worried at the beginning as Tiger Girl carved her way through the opposition by herself, but once the President was kidnapped and the action moved, the team came into its own.Lather Lass's sub-plot never came into use, but Tiger Girl's saw her reactivating a couple of times, which added to what she achieved in this game, screaming ahead of her team-mates to try and win the game on her own.


  1. I see a 'prison break' scenario on the horizon!

    Mothron's too ambitious to be kept caged for long.

    1. Absolutely. He's drawn to the flame of power!

  2. Nice sub plot Nate - pity it didnt have an opportunity to come up in the actual game - I can imagine it being JUST the kind of subject matter to be included in a movie of this game!

    1. The melodrama in the back-ground has been a defining feature of comics since the 1960s. It's quite nice to be able to see it happen in a miniatures game.

  3. I really love what you're doing with Clobberin' Time, especially the scenario generator and the sub-plots.

    1. Thanks, Alan. I'm having a lot of fun with them at the moment.