Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Wargaming Week 9

This week has not featured any new packages arriving on the doorstep, unfortunately. It has involved some solid painting, a bad bug, and the first play of Clobberin' Time with Delta Wave.

The bug at the beginning of the week was awful, and I am not alone in having contracted it. It seems to have passed now, and I was able to catch up on my painting (by and large thanks to ignoring my job). Craig needs these figures and guns for NICon, so I was in a hurry to get them complete for him:

I enjoyed painting that lot.
Today I found a few minutes of garage time and put together some 1/144 planes that geoff sent me for my Pacific War project:
I haven't put all the decals on yet. I have to say, I've always loved the look of the P-38. Now, where is Yamamoto?
I also took advantage of some blue skies this morning to undercoat the 1588 figures. yes, 1588 - remember that from late last year? It started with a hiss and a roar, but fizzled when I decided that this would be accumulation year. Still, there might be a week when I just feel like something different to paint...
Finally, a shot of the painting tray for the upcoming week. I have a dozen Renegade German cavalry to do for john, and if I get the chance, I'm going to slip the last unit of Great Nortehrn War Russian infantry in there somewhere.
After that, I have some WWI British to paint for Geoff that will be interrupted by some mortars that Craig also needs painted, before painting some more Samurai for Geoff. And somewhere in there I will have to mark mid-year exams. Well, it keeps the winter's evenings busy!



  1. Sorry to hear about the bug, but it looks like you have cracked on splendidly nonetheless.

    1. Yes, it always feels like sick days put you behind the 8-ball, but I've caught up - with the painting at least.

  2. Well no one can say that you are slacking around!

    1. Except my students waiting to get their assessments back. Then I'm slacking pretty badly!

  3. Glad your on the mend! Productive week though they have turned out really well.