Wednesday, 4 May 2016


The Mothron of Earth-D* is one of Delta Wave's Rogues. His real name is Ron Mothman, and he used to be a parking attendant. Bored with his everyday grind of a job, Ron started designing a suit of armour, but realised he did not have the money to pursue his dream. He also didn't have the intelligence to build it. So he put on a balaclava and got away with a bank robbery, before kidnapping Dr Karl Schuster, a world class mechanical engineer. Schuster was forced to build the armour Ron had designed. He then couldn't bare how bad it was, and decided to make it much better than the original drawings. The new Mothron armour was state of the art, and Schuster decided that he would stay on as Mothron's accomplice. It has actually turned out that the nefarious Dr Schuster is the real brains behind Mothron's operations, but it is Mothron who keeps getting defeated by Delta Wave and thrown in prison!
'I am the Mighty Mothron! Bow before my mothiness!'
Mothron's armour allows him to fly, provides armoured protection and allows him to shoot small round projectiles from his wrist gauntlets, known as 'mothballs'. These have been known to contain gas, acid, explosives and EMP pulses amongst other devices.
Mothron frequently has a gang of henchmen, the Mothmen, who aid him in his schemes. They have weapons that fire 'mothballs', but have not been given full suits of armour because Dr Schuster is worried that if anyone more intelligent than Mothron got hold of the tech they would go off and work solo.
'Aquaria - watch out for his tiny mothballs!'
* He is not to be confused with the Mothron of Earth-N, who is a hero and a member of the Alliance of Awesomeness.

By the way, here are the latest photos of the cty terrain:
The pavement needs painting, as do the road markings and signage. 
An alternative view
The buildings as viewed from behind. They are basically stage scenery with no backs to them. The idea is that the roofs are removed and the two buildings nestle into each other, reducing the need for storage space.



  1. Those buildings' look great! Any chance of some more pictures of them or maybe a construction tutorial please?

    1. Hi Alan. The buildings are paper terrain from Nice and cheap to buy amd a range of different facades. I print them off and glue them to foamcore board,although you can print them directly onto cardstock and make them so that they fold down for storage. I made a whole pile a couple of years back that I built as standalone buildings, but they took up a lot of space, so I gave them away. This is the new plan, although I am thinking that I probably do have enough space to store both blocks if I put sides and backs on them, so that might happen in the near future.

  2. Sorry - not sure where that apostrophe came from ...

  3. Those buildings are cool!

  4. Terrific painting Nate and a wonderful looking baddie, if ever I saw one. The colour scheme is spot on too. Great posting :-)

  5. More incredible work there, Nate! Mothron reminds me of The Monarch from The Venture Bros (although presumably you dreamed him up years before the cartoon hit the airwaves).

    Keep them coming!

  6. Buildings look great and are coming along nicely. Mothman is awesome lovely brushwork on him