Saturday, 7 May 2016

Historics come galloping back in

If you began to frequent this blog to look at things to do with historical wargaming you might be a bit bemused by the rash of posts featuring superheroes lately. 'He's gone a bit nuts', you might say. 'He'll be painting that bizarre warhammer stuff next.' Well, fear not fellow lovers of historical lead, here is this week's painting, and it is satisfyingly not composed of Orks, Orcs or Awcks.
First up, a dozen 28mm Renegade Great War British cavalry for John:

Followed by a couple of Magachs and 4 anti-tank jeeps for Craig.

But what did I paint for myself, you might ask? You've already seen him:

I just had to post him again!

This week I have a dozen 28mm Renegade Great War German cavalry to paint for John. These will be followed by 15mm Japanese tanks for Craig, and by that time I will probably have Geoff's next batch of 28mm figures to paint after which I'll be painting 15mm British paras for Craig. Dan might have sent me the 10mm ACW he wants me to paint by then, and when that is all finished it will probably be Christmas! Somewhere in there I aim to paint up a few more homegrown heroes and villains. In fact, there are a couple sitting on the painting tray for tonight.



  1. Great work Nate! Really like the Brit's. I am very keen to see the Germans, I have some somewhere that Geoff gave me that need paint.

  2. Love this beautiful cavalry...

  3. Fabulous lancers, really great work.

  4. Like those lancers...reminds me that I need to do a unit for my own WWI British army.

  5. The 28mm Renegade Great War British cavalry look awesome - lovely brush work!