Thursday, 31 March 2016

Time to party like it's 1985

The first boxes arrive for the Cold War:

Some infantry and some tanks. Pretty straight forward. The infantry are going to need transports, the tanks are going to need more tanks.

When the boxes are opened we are confronted with 10 sprues for the T-72s, along with some decals and the unit cards. I like the cards. They contain all of the info needed to play with that unit.

The infantry come with lots of infantry, cards and stands. One thing I had somehow missed when reading through the book was that the gremlin AA and MG stands are actually large bases, That is a bit different.

The long term plan is to mount the infantry in BMPs, get some Gophers for AA and Carnations for heavy support, as well as more T-72s. By that time hopefully the West Germans will be out and I can begin accumulating some Leopard/Marder/Panzergrenadier goodness.

Time to go listen to some Wham...



  1. Replies
    1. Because I love the musical stylings of George and Andy? I have to say that I've been following your 'paint-throughs' and reviews of this range, and like what I see - which is obviously why I started with the kit you didn't rate as highly as the others ;).

    2. Hah, yea, can't say I'm the hugest fan! Bought a company of the Khurasan T-72A and they are definitely superior.

    3. Who's going to be a busy boy then?