Tuesday, 29 March 2016

2 more HG platoons complete

This time an infantry platoon and a pioneer platoon for this company of the Herman Goering Division.
3 stands of HG infantry. I used a lot of Luftwaffe blue with this platoon, because I love the colour, and it makes the HG a little more unique.
The light wasn't good for taking photos this afternoon, but you get the idea.
Pioneers - a few more camo smocks with this lot
The last three stands of pioneers.
So I have one more platoon and the artillery crew to finish. They should all be ready to post down to Craig in anticipation of the next lot of arrivals by Monday.



  1. Nate, you have done a great job on these weapons teams and pioneers.

  2. You really are cracking on with this project Nate.

  3. fantastic work there Nate!

  4. They look great, no doubt!