Saturday, 5 March 2016


So in the most recent mail-out from Caliver Books I find out that the first shipment of the Great Northern War Compendium was damaged and so it will be another couple of weeks before they get the new shipment, meaning another three weeks before I see it. This can't be helped, but as a person with no sense of delayed gratification, it makes me very itchy indeed!
The ship carrying the GNW Compendium leaving the US...
I have consoled myself by ordering a few figures from Irregular Miniatures, which have nothing to do with the projects in 'accumulation year'. These are adding to existing projects. Now I had been seriously thinking about getting armies for the 30 Years War, and right up until yesterday afternoon, such was the plan. Then I changed my mind (of course) at the last moment, and decided that what I really wanted was some Polish winged hussars, because, well, you know, they look cool. It made good sense at this point to make a Saxon-Polish force for the Great Northern War. I already had some left-over Russians so a Saxon cavalry regiment, a Polish dragoon regiment, a Saxon infantry regiment and artillery are already in place. I've filled this out so that there will also be a unit of Polish Winged Hussars (because, you know, they look cool), 3 more infantry units and a dismounted dragoon regiment. A perfect size force for my One Hour Wargames rules, which will now need a bit of adapting to account for this new army.
Did I or did I not say that they look cool?
A Polish Dragoon as they would have appeared at Klissow looks very much like a Russian Dragoon in kartuz.
I love easy conversions!
I also ordered some Crimean Russian Hussars and artillery to finish off my Crimean armies, and from Lancashire Games I'm looking to get some Sardinian cavalry to join the two Sardinian infantry regiments and artillery I still need to paint up.
No, no, no! SardinIANS! And they didn't wear armour.
I haven't ignored accumulation year totally. I've just ordered a couple of Ospreys for the French and Indian War:

Accumulation year has plans to purchase French and British regulars for this conflict, along with terrain, but after buying all the stuff in this post, accumulation year has run out of money again.



  1. Hmmm I have had problems with Caliver Books in the past. Can be a trifle rude in the phone as well.

    1. Hi Simon. I've been dealing with them for 12 years now, and the times when I have had issues they have been really good about fixing them up. They are a pretty busy organisation, and I find that once an order is made, that is the last you hear of it until it is on your doorstep (or, sometimes, not) which is probably the one thing that could be improved upon. Having said that, there has been nothing so far that has happened that has put me off buying from them. Hopefully saying that isn't going to jinx things.

  2. Hate waiting for stuff too! I am very much I want it now sort of person!!

  3. Much of interest on your hobby plate. I hope the Crimean War Sardinians are next in your painting queue.

    1. I've actually thought that getting the extra figures for the Crimea and GNW painted should be my priority. But at the moment I'm too busy painting other people's stuff for that to mean anything!