Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Wargaming Week

A number of blogs that I follow have a 'Paint Table Saturday'where they look at what they are working on. I thought about following suit, but decided that the paint table didn't really cover all of the various hobby doings that I get up to. I always post my painting, but not everything else that goes on behind the scenes. I thought I might try to do a week in review post, and the plan is to try and do this once a week on a Sunday.Hence, 'My wargaming week'. We'll see how long it lasts.

 First up, Some Centurion Shots for the Arab-Israeli wars. I decided to sell my good old Quality Castings Centurions seeing as I had these four Battlefront vehicles that I got from Geoff just kicking around after abandoning the India-Pakistan project. They were undercoated, base coated and given a bath in Army Painter dip last weekend, and yesterday they got the last few licks of paint and a varnish.

On Friday I decided that I'd undercoat the M48s and anti-tank jeeps that had been ear-marked for the Pakistani army. They will now do service in the Israeli forces. Up until now I have had 8 Magach 3s, but no Magach 2s, so these will give me some list flexibility - as will the option to field a full anti-tank jeep platoon.

 I undercoated the last of the Crimean War figures last weekend, and yesterday painted up their bases. These guys are ready to slip into the painting schedule after I've finished Geoff's next lot of figures.

 Newly built and basecoated are 2 platoons of late war armour for the New Zealanders in Italy. In exchange for the next commission for Craig which will contain British paras, Japanese tanks and some SS infantry, I'll be receiving most a late war New Zealand army. This armour and soon to be purchased 6 pounder at guns wil complete the list.

 The paint tray at the moment with a couple of platoons of the Herman Goering division. Of course this week I finished a batch of Craig's figures as well, and they have their own post. With this lot, the basic colours are done, and I estimate that they will be complete by Wednesday. Then just another two platoons and Craig's figures will be completed.

Finally, this isn't a wargaming project, but is tangentially related. I have long had the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition just sitting in a box. The DC Who's Who has been sitting on a shelf. Neither of these situations was optimal. They are my favourite reference material - after 1989 I feel that Marvel and DC comics took a slide that they have only occasionally recovered from since, and those recoveries have been spasmodic and never been sustained (I'm thinking, for example, of Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men and Garth Ennis' brilliant Nick Fury and Punisher runs). So these are like a time capsule on my favourite era in comic books. As such, they deserved better treatment, so today I built slip cases for them so that they could comfortably sit on one of my bookshelves. The ultimate plan is to cover them in a collage of pictures like some over-excited 12 year old girl decorating her diary, but just a couple of pictures have been glued on so far.

So that was the wargaming week that was.



  1. Looks like you need more to do Nate! I certainly admire your production rate, I would be happy to get a handful of figures paint a month!

    1. The secret is sticking to a regular painting timetable. That and having no life...

  2. That's a pretty impressive week Nate, lots there to keep you busy.

    1. Busy is good - except when I'm meant to be doing something around the house instead. Then busy is great!