Sunday, 2 June 2013

Is it June already?

Several projects are at the 'nearly complete' stage, which makes me very happy, because it means that I can move on to something new! John's 28mm Paras for Bolt Action are nearly complete - I just need to weather them and varnish. All of my Israeli tanks have been repainted with the new Israeli tank grey colour and just need tracks and touch-ups to be completed. The BTR 152s are in the same state and the M3 halftracks, Mirage and MiG 19 are built and awaiting painting, which means that my AIW collection will be able to work for 1967-73. I'm now tossing up whether to get some more T-55s or to get T-34s or maybe even another 4 T-62s just to complete a unit of 10. In the end it will probably be all three...
In the meantime I'm looking at starting a new project soon:
What could it be?
I'll let you know a bit more next time.



  1. A new project...hmm , what could it be??? VSF steampunk seems all the rage at the mo', ... am I close?

    1. Miles off, Scott! Have a look at the photo in today's post.