Sunday, 30 June 2013

AAR - Somewhere near Carentan

The folks over at What Would Patton Do together with the fine chaps at Battlefront are running a global campaign set in Normandy, and of course the Irregulars are keen to participate. The first game that we have played was between myself and Michael - a scenario designed around the Paratroop actions near Carentan. I've chosen to be the 6th Fallshirmjager Regiment, mostly so I can get a handle on playing an infantry based force. Michael has chosen British Armour, but for the first battle slipped into being US airborne.

The armies were 1500 points each taken from Turning Tide and Earth and Steel. The mission was an encounter to represent the airborne forces concentrating and the Fallshirmjager responding to the situation.

US Airborne: 1500 points Michael  
HQ w/ 3 bazookas; 2 platoons airborne infantry w/ 2 squads each; MG platoon; Mortar platoon; AT platoon with 4 x 57mm; 4 x 75mm pack Howitzers; A platoon of 4 Shermans of 2nd Armoured Division.

6th Fallshirmjager Regiment: 1500 points Nathan
HQ w/ panzershrek; 2 x platoons - one at full strength and one with 3 squads; 2 x LG 40 light guns; Mortar platoon of 2 barrels; HMG paltoon w/4 guns; 3 x Panthers. All HQ were upgraded to Panzerfaust/panzerknacker.

The battle started with the bulk of the Fallshirmjager holding one objective behind a farm, while the light guns sat on the other objective waiting for reinforcements. The Allies got the first turn, and it didn't take long for the US armour to move forward to try to take control of the objective and win the game. The light guns put up a heroic resistance, killing two tanks, but in the end they were destroyed and the Shermans sat ready to claim an objective. In the German turn 3 a desperate charge by the HQ unit made sure that there was someone to contest it.
'Nothing to it lads. Just hold here and pray.'

'This is gonna be the easiest victory ever!'
 Meanwhile the bocage meant that the centre became a bit of a stalemate. It would stay that way for the rest of the game. The one airborne unit that poked its nose out promptly had it cut off!
'Quick, try to cross the open ground before we're seen!'
Aerial photograph. Shermans advancing at the top of the picture, one platoon of airborne heading for the farm.
The light guns sell their lives dearly, but by the end of turn 3 it looks all over for the Germans.
The Fallshirmjager occupy the farm and line the bocage. Result - well, you remember those airborne chaps in the open? They aren't there any more...
Doing a good job of support. I just wish we could see the enemy...
In turn four the Shermans killed two of the HQ teams (the Panzershrek and the 2iC) that were contesting the objective and with no other German troops within easy distance  it looked like the result was inevitable - until the Fallshirmjager rolled for their reserves and the Panthers turned up right behind the Shermans! Talk about the nick of time.
'Just hold the farm!'
'Nothing gonna stop us now!'
'Oh sh**'
 With the Shermans dealt with rather quickly the Panthers and the reserve Fallshirmjager platoon advanced on the US objective held by a newly arrived platoon of at guns.
The decisive wing
'Take the guns boys!'

'Wait for us!'
 The US tried a desperate dash with their bazookas, but failed to hit the Panthers and then got mown down from the hedgerow behind.
'U can't touch this'
The last US AT guns were shot off the objective and it looked as though the Germans would hold it, as the machine guns smashed up the relieving force. However, by that time it was late and so the game was called - 5-2 victory to the Green Devils!

A good game and right out of my comfort zone, as I'm not used to playing with infantry heavy forces. Looking forward to the next encounter.



  1. Very nice report, beautiful tanks!

  2. Great game, lovely scenery and figs

    1. Hi Al. The Fallshirmjager have been a rush job for the campaign. Have a look at the next battle report - they are less shiny and the bases are now at least painted!

  3. Great looking game, like the Farm! Loved the Oh Sh**! comment! ;-)