Friday, 10 May 2013

First repaints

Here are the first Sho't and Magach to be repainted in the Hannants Israeli Tank Sand colour.
First tanks painted correctly.
and the before shot (no pun intended)
The first photo isn't finished - I haven't painted the lenses, the markings or weathered it, but you can already see the difference in shade. I painted the new paint on, and find that it dries very quickly after you put it on the palette, so I'm going to go for an even damper wet pallette when I paint up the next tanks. It took me 1 and and a half hours to repaint two tanks, which is a bit of a shock to the system after the super quick Tamiya spray, army painter dip and varnish that I originally used to paint them!
I didn't strip the tanks down and I don't think that I've lost any detail in painting over the previous coat, but it was important to highlight the edges - that is the laborious part of the process.  I didn't weant to use the Army painter dip again partly because I don't know how effective it would be and partly because I don't want to risk a reaction with the paint when the varnish goes on.
I'll slowly paint up all of the tanks, one platoon at a time, and of course I'll paint anything new in this style as well. And I do have a bit of new stuff - two M48s Magachs from QRF, 5 M3 halftracks from Plastic Soldier Company, 6 BTR 152s, 3 M50 Shermans and 4 AMX 13s. 
And the repainted Magach 3
I'll post more on this project as I continue to build it.



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    1. Oh... And have you considered these...They might be a bit modern, but I used 1/87 on my 15mm Vehicles and they looked great.

    2. Thanks for the comment and the link. I'm probably going to stick with hand-painting my markings because it is what the Israelis did themselves and I'm notoriously cheap, but I'll remember these if I decide to splash out!