Thursday, 28 February 2013

New-to-me Swedish FoGR army

A few years back now, John bought a couple of renaissance armies off the net: a Polish and a Swedish army. They were based on 9cm long bases and for the life of me I can't work out what ruleset they were for. Maybe Impetus? But the fact was that John couldn't be bothered rebasing them and they just sat in his cabinet for ages. Then I decided that I wanted to buy some Renaissance armies, and was planning to sell my Arab-Israeli collection to fund it. So John and I just swapped. I can still play Arab-Israeli games at his place and work on developing and playtesting the army lists, and I got a couple of prepainted armies to rebase for Field of Glory Renaissance.
The full 800 point Early Swedish Thirty Years War Army
Having worked out the points for an early 30 Years War Swedish army I set about chopping figures of their old bases and rebasing them on the recommended basing for that ruleset.
Two units of cavalry, commanded shot and the dragoons.
The bases are not complete yet, they need painting and flocking, but they can be played with while I work through that.

More cavalry and commanded shot with the just freshly based generals at the back.
The painting is not to my usual standard, with a lot of unshaded 'coloured-in' areas. But in bulk they look fine, and I actually think it gives them more character. I'm going to 'dip' them and then varnish them eventually, but there will be no repainting - for once I am really glad to get  a pre-painted army that I don't have to put in the projects queue.

The Infantry. Yellow, Red, Blue and Scots.
having said that, the Poles will need a bit of touching up.
Finnish Hakkapeliita.
Amongst the figures are quite a few Mike's Models. These have a pretty terrible reputation, but I really like the little fellas. The Swedish cavalry regiment above is Mike's and I think that they have character. They are going to be my Finnish Hakkapeliita. The Polish army has a lot more of these chaps, but they work, and I am quite happy to have them in there.

Closer look at the cavalry.
Closer look at the Scots Brigade.
The Old Yellows. These guys have had dip brushed on, but they are still pretty monochrome. They look great from a distance though!
There we have it. A new period that requires bugger all work to get all set up. I'm looking forward to playing the Field of Glory rules as well.



  1. Nice figures with beautiful colors! The Scott brigade is impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yes, the painting is simple but effective.

  2. 9cm bases? THey were for Renaissance Principles of war ;)

    1. Ahh, the mystery is now solved. Thanks a lot.