Monday, 4 February 2013

Friday night was games night

Once again we scurried, hopped and crawled our way over to John's place for another Irregulars Games Night. Once again we broke out the Flames of War 3 game tourney, but this time using Late War lists. now I need to spend some time teaching terry about list writing for random tourneys, because you never know which army you are going to roll up. Jeremy rolled up a Jagdtiger company which consisted of 3 Jagdtigers, 2 SdKfz 7/1 AA trucks and a whole lot of whoop-ass. Not only did my paltry US tank force get wiped off the board in half an hour, but a Churchill force being run by Terry went the same way.
Oh well, by the end of the night I was getting the hang of using yanks and was able to wipe out John's Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier company to finish a respectable 4th out of 8 players.

It is hard to fight in a built up area when the roofs don't lift off
I think next Games night we'll try something a bit different like a Napoleonic Game...
John and Richard contest an objective. At this stage the halftracks are still alive...

Lots of burning Shermans, but where is the opposition? Oh, that's right - Jagdtigers.

Troops always perform better when their officer is facing the wrong way.

Oh, look - so many burning Churchills the lightly armoured AA trucks feel like they can charge the enemy.

Connor tries playing StuG hide and seek: 'Ve can see you!'

This was fun. My Shermans sat 22cm away from the Fallshirmjager and pummeled them. However, due to their dug-in nature, I didn't succeed in taking out a whole platoon. One hour of play - one uncontested objective held, 6 turns of whittling away the enemy at one base a turn.

Red Devils teach the enemy a lesson. Yet more burning StuGs in the background.

Still shooting Green Devils...

YES! We have the objective and can now come second. Not any better because we can't match the bloody Jagdtigers.
Again, another fun night, but I do have to admit to enjoying the early war games more. it all seems so much more balanced, even if John does run around with his super-dooper British Armoured regiment, inflicting chaos and pain.
One thing this night did provide was a bit more understanding of the assault rules in version 3. This is a good thing, as we haven't really had much chance to explore this aspect of the rules.



  1. JagdTigers eh? Perhaps I'll have to check those out... ;-)