Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I must have these!

'Ohh - shiny' does not even begin to describe it. Unlike Empire of the Dead which, despite its late Nineteenth Century setting, was just too horror for me to get my teeth into, this is right up my alley. The third set of rules to be released by Osprey in their wargames series is a steampunk skirmish game, In Her Majesty's Name, and it appears that North Star Figures in the UK have the official figures for them.
Lord Curr's Company
These are available for pre-order post free world wide and retail for £27 per faction, or $50 NZD. I love Lord Curr's company (above) and the Prussians (below). Although I have to ask why it is always the Prussians/Germans who experiment with Zombies? It is the same with Weird World War Two games. Why do the British and Americans never take the lead in necromancy or genetic manipulation? Sure Nazis are baddies so they do nasty things. But Nineteenth Century Germans? No worse than any other European power I would have thought. Harumph. Lazy typecasting if you ask me. But still very cool.
The Society of Thule
I do like the descriptions given for the various box sets on the North Star site. Not only are the figures fantastic, but the background sounds like the kind of world I could have dreamed up myself.
The Black Dragon Tong
Although not as appealing to me as the British and Prussians, I love this Black Dragon Tong Gang almost as much. A Yeti!
The Servants of Ra
And the last group are these cultists. Probably my least favourite of the three, but I bet I end up buying them anyway! All of the pictures are directly from the North Star site, and I hope they don't mind me using them. I guess it is free advertising.

All in all - very cool, and I am looking forward to them being released in April, and the rules in May.



  1. These look cool! Have you looked at the Empire of the Dead kickstarter?

    1. I have, but so many projects... I don't even think I'll manage to get in on the pre-order of these! But they will be mine - one day.