Saturday, 7 October 2017

Planning for the future

Well, I didn't get a fourth game in four days done, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, I've been thinking about 2018, specifically what I will choose to do for the 6 x 6 challenge next year. What I have liked about participating in the 2017 version is:
a. I've played more games in a year than ever before, many solo, and
b. By concentrating my painting around the games that I'm playing in the 6x6 I've really moved some of my projects along, notably the Seven Years War, Marlburian, Ancient Fantasy and DBA.
Appearing in a battle report in a blog near you soon...

The last few units I need to churn out this year are another 4 battalions each for the 7YW Prussians and Austrians (128 x 15mm figures), put the finishing touches on the last dozen Marlburian cavalry and paint a dozen Barbarians for Ancient Fantasy. Then it will be painting for others (John, Dan and Craig) and if I can get that out of the way, a start on next year's projects.

So with this year planned out, it is time to think about 2018. What do I want to accomplish?

The first thing is to choose 6 games that I want to play 6 times. To start the ball rolling on this one, I have 3 games from this year that I want to use again. The first is DBA, but not using the armies I already have completed. There are 2 Post-Mongol Samurai armies undercoated and ready to be painted, and I want to get some Great Italian Wars Spanish and French done, too. Next is Honours of War, with the aim this time to use the 6 x 6 as an incentive to paint my Russian army and put it on the table in stages. Third is Clobberin' Time. Not a lot of painting needed here, although there are some zombies and a few other odds and ends to get ready. What I really want to do is get back into playing the dice activation system and looking at a sub-plot generator that I can add into the rules alongside a campaign system to generate a comic book 'series', with characters progressing in a bit of a role-playing way.
The latest hero (Heru) I've painted for Clobberin' Time, ready for the big event of 2018!

That leaves three other games to look at for next year. One will be Eastern Front 1914, using the TLAGO rules. It is well and truly time that I got these armies completed and on the table. Next up is something of a quandary. I'd like to put both the Franco-Prussian War and the War of the Triple Alliance in the 6 x 6, but I plan to use the same rules for both projects, namely Neil Thomas' 19th Century Wargaming rules. As both are unpainted at the moment it would be quite a commitment to get both projects game-worthy as only one rules choice, but I'd like to get them both done next year if possible, so will look at a way they can be entered as two choices.
I love this period, and gaming armies are well overdue.
Ditto this one.

In a similar vein I was hoping to get my Team Yankee armies up and running by next year, but don't really want to make this part of the 6 x 6 because it isn't a game I'm likely to play solo, and therefore have little control over whether I can get the games played.

So in effect, my 2018 playing line-up is:
1. DBA (Book IV armies)
2. Honours of War Seven Years War
3. Clobberin' Time Superheroes
4. 19th Century Wargaming Franco-Prussian War
5. TLAGO 1914 Eastern Front
6. 19th Century Wargaming War of the Triple Alliance / Team Yankee WWIII / something else.

Which doesn't mean that the odd game of Fantasy Ancients and Marlburian won't pop up as well.

And the painting line-up is all 15mm:
1. Samurai DBA
2. Italian Wars DBA
3. Seven Years War Russians
4. Franco-Prussian War French and Germans
5. WWI Russians and Germans
6. Triple Alliance Paraguayans and Allies
7. WWIII Soviets and West Germans

We'll see how well I stick to this plan.


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