Friday, 6 October 2017

Corunna - 6 x 6 Commands and Colors first game

Not a long post, this one, as I think multiple images of block counters is probably a bit boring.
Last night Mike came around and we played through the Corunna scenario using Commands and Colors. This was our third clash working through the scenario book, and I duly set up Mike with the British and myself as the French. Having won both Rolica scenarios as the French, I thought that maybe Corunna might go a bit better for the Brits, being as it is a classic British 'victory' - you know, like Mons and Dunkirk...
Deployment. The British artillery not being in a position to fire from the beginning was going to be a handicap.
 My plan was to feint on the flanks and pound the British centre into submission before an all-out assault. As I needed to get 6 victory banners to win, my concern was in making sure that I concentrated on destroying whole units and moving units reduced to one block out of harm's way.
By and large this was a successful strategy, although it was closer than I had bargained for. At the end of the game I had 6 victory banners to Mike's 4. A quick look at the map below shows how the strategy worked.
The British centre is denuded, the French right has held the British left, and French units reduced to one block have been largely removed to hide behind the main line.
Hopefully we can get another game in soon, but two 6 x 6 games in 2 days is enough to recall the heady days of January!



  1. CCN is a great game, we play some of our games with 6mm figures and also play a lot of the Ancients version with 28mm figures.

    1. Mike and I have discussed getting some 6mm figures to substitute for the blocks - it is probably on the horizon!

    2. I use 6mm figures for CC:Ancients and it looks great.