Thursday, 12 January 2017

Rescue the candidate!

Today I constructed a bit bigger scenario for the four members of the Alliance of Awesomeness to work together to stop Mr Anarchy.
The scenario involved Mr Anarchy and a group of his punks appearing downtown to kidnap libertarian Presidential candidate, Dolph Trumler. Mr Trumler is behind in the polls, but for some reason, Mr Anarchy thinks it would be better if he wasn't running at all? What goes through that guy's head? Who knows?
The Anarchic one will appear in the first turn with his punks. They will teleport in individually 2d6" from Trumler's hummer. The Alliance of Awesomeness will arrive on the board in the same way. The punk mission is to take out the Hummer and pin Trumler. Mr Anarchy has to wait until turn five before he can teleport back out (thus giving the Alliance a chance to do something) which he can do if he is in base to base contact with Trumler and not pinned. He only has until turn 10 to succeed, before he automatically returns to his dimension.
The Alliance of Awesomeness - together again.
I had three sub-plots for this game. The first is called Noooooo! Nuclein is in love with Tiger Girl, and if she gets injured he must try to leave any combat he is in and attack whoever injured her.
The second is Don't trust the MSM. Because the current president was rescued by the Alliance and the mainstream media has lauded their planet-saving actions time after time, a good percentage of the population don't like them. At the start of the turn if a civilian is within 6"of an unengaged member of the Alliance, they will move into base to base contact and harangue them. In order to get away the superhero must roll as if they were being hindered.
The third sub-plot wasn't played, and I'll save it for later.

Now, to the action:
The playing area. Civilians suitably scattered, hummer coming on at the bottom of the picture.
Turn One - Mr Anarchy and his punks appear, disable the hummer, knock down the cop and seize Trumler.
The Alliance arrive and are straight into the action. By attacking the punk holding Trumler, Tiger Girl unpins the candidate and allows him to escape. No-one manages to knock down any of the baddies in the first round though.
Turn three and Trumler makes a run for it. Aphid takes down one punk, Leather Lass gets another and despite being outnumbered, Tiger Girl takes down a third (she's getting quite good at this).
Trumler continues to run, Leather Lass is hindered by a bystander who believes what blogs tell him. Another chap tries to do the same to Aphid, but he escapes. Tiger Girl takes down a second punk but then gets wounded in turn. Noooooo! yells Nuclein, but he can't break away from Mr Anarchy.
Turn five and almost all the punks are down now, but Mr Anarchy sees Trumler running and teleports away from Nuclein, gaining a hinder marker on the way. Leather Lass breaks away from badly-informed boy and attacks Mr Anarchy from behind.
The last punk goes down while Trumler runs. Anarchy teleports away to intercept him but gains another hinder marker. 
Tiger Girl is hindered by badly-informed boy's friend, knows-it-all-because-Facebook-told-him boy.
Trumler changes direction. Anarchy teleports over into base contact, but is still hindered so can't try to escape with the candidate. The rest of the Alliance feel like they are chasing their tails.
Leather Lass and Aphid attack Mr Anarchy. Tiger Girl tries to help Nuclein calm down the panicked Trumler. 
Trumler runs away from Tiger Girl and Nuclein. Mr Anarchy teleports into base to base contact with the candidate and playing a handy joker card rolls the three successes necessary to teleport away with him. Game over.
'Hey! Alliance of Awesome! You suck!'
Yep, with one turn left to play Mr Anarchy stole the game out from under the Alliance's nose.
Subsequent events are the returning of Trumler to the authorities by Mr Anarchy who claimed that he was protecting the candidate from the Alliance the whole time. Despite clear video evidence to the contrary, alternative media buy the story and the Alliance is cast as the villains. Trumler rises in popularity and is elected - yes - that was Mr Anarchy's plan all along! A libertarian president to bring about anarchy that he can take advantage of and the discrediting of the Alliance of Awesomeness all in one fell swoop! (Cue evil laughter!)

Anyway, as far as the mechanics of the game go, everything worked really well. Nuclein was given invulnerability rather than resilient and this worked perfectly for him.
My stat lines looked like this:
Close Combat
Ranged Combat
3W @ 12” weak
+1 to avoid pinning
+1d6 to solve puzzles

Tiger Girl
Loses red d6 on attack if it is highest dice rolled.
Leather Lass
3W @ 3” weak
3R+1 reroll

Mr Anarchy
2W+1R @ 6”
Leader, teleport
1R @ 12”

The sub-plots added plenty to the game, and I'll keep writing these in. My 7 year old got to roll the dice, flip the cards and contribute to daddy's game - the first time one of my children has been interested enough to play a game with me, which made it even better. She liked Tiger Girl and the blue haired punk the best.



  1. That was an awesome scenario. I like the idea of sub-plots as well; I will have to make use of something like that the next time I play.

    1. The sub-plots were a last minute brain flash. How do I make the games more comic-y? We'll have to see what else I can come up with.

  2. Great fun, I love the idea of sub plots to keep everyone on their toes as the game progresses.

    1. They did their job without wrecking the flow of the game. I was really pleased with them.