Monday, 16 January 2017

Get Barry! A Clobberin' Time game.

It is a fantastic feeling when your child asks if they can have 'another game of superheroes'. There she was sitting at the wargames table waiting impatiently for me to hurriedly draw up a scenario and some stats for the baddies in the next game.

So this game pits four members of the Alliance of Awesomeness in a mission to find and recover a crashed alien pilot before a band of villains beats them to it. The goodies this time consisted of old hands Tiger Girl and Leather Lass, and newcomers Ore and Converter.
Ore is a level 3 hero with block, hinder and medium range weak attack dice. He is able to create and manipulate rock - think Iceman, but with rock rather than ice.
Converter has 12" range with all red attack dice. He has the power to convert food he eats into intense energy blasts. Yes, he is sponsored by McDonalds, but a Mac Attack is some of the best fuel out there, and it wouldn't be cheap to have to buy them all himself!
Both Ore and Converter are not very proficient in hand to hand so fight close combat with weak dice.
A crazy looking cast list
Arrayed against them was Snowy the Kid with his red martian stone that allows him to manipulate evil killer snowmen. He is pretty weak in hand to hand, but he has the leader ability and can control his snowmen up to 12" away.

The Background
The latest scientific mission from Sirius aimed to return the last lot of creatures that the Sirians had taken home from Earth to study and to pick up some new forms of life for investigation. Due to a rip in the fabric of Space-Time the Sirians ended up travelling millions of years into the future. Hence, after the crash landing, some of the previous specimens have escaped. The pilot has staggered off into a woods dazed.

The Scenario
Arriving at the same time, the Alliance is competing with Snowy the Kid to search every woods, rock pile and the crashed ship in order to find the alien. Upon entering any of these areas the characters can roll a die. On a 5 or 6 the alien is there. On a roll of 1 three dinosaurs will be there. These will wander randomly around the board each turn. On a d6 roll of 1 or 2 they will move towards or attack the nearest member of the Alliance. On a 3 or 4 they just mill around. On a 5 or 6 they move towards or attack the snowmen.
On with the story:

The end of Turn One. The Snowmen and the Alliance spread out to search for the alien.
The Converter checks the first rockpile - no alien.

The snowmen are sent out to scout. Nothing here.
Nor over here!
Ore surprises the dinosaurs!
Tiger Girl and Converter make it to the spaceship - but still no alien!
Snowy the Kid sends some snowmen to tie down the Alliance members at the ship.
Leather Lass finds her woods are empty.
Tiger Girl and Converter are attacked by killer snowmen!
Ore beats the snowmen to the last woods to be searched. He finds the alien! 
Snowmen move up to challenge Ore - he is able to knock one down with a rock shower. 
The dinosaurs continue to mill around while one of the snowmen wounds Tiger Girl. Leather Lass comes to the aid of Converter, whose hand to hand combat is pretty useless.
Strike one more snowman. Ore is fighting like a man possessed. Meanwhile the snowmen are unable to convince the alien to come with them.
Converter is smashed back, taking two wounds, but once out of hand to hand combat is able to let off a blast that melts his erstwhile adversary!
Tiger Girl's foe is also blasted off her by Converter. Now she's free she takes her rage out on  another of the snowmen. Snowy the Kid is down to a single snowman!
Leather Lass moves up to help, only to be attacked by a dinosaur, which she shrugs off.

Tiger Girl is also an object of some unwanted dino-affection as she closes in on Snowy the Kid.
Ore takes out the last Snowman. Snowy moves to try to take the alien away himself.
A dinosaur comes looking for a munch, but Converter blasts him. It doesn't wound the dinosaur, but makes him shy away for a moment.
'Get away from me!'
Tiger Girl catches up with Snowy the Kid
Leather Lass joins her to take the fiend down.
Rolling a '5', Ore's diplomatic skills convince the alien to come with him. 'What's your name?'
'%^%%&*'. 'OK - sounds like Barry... Well, come on Barry, we'll get you out of here.'
In the last turn of the game the Stegosaur comes back for revenge. Converter goes down! 
So that was a win for the Alliance of Awesomeness. Barry the Alien goes on to join the team in the next issue. Converter is rescued from the dino-stomp and soon recuperates with the aid of a few burgers. The dinosaurs escape into the woods, only to be hunted down by hillbillies and turned into vittles. Snowy the Kid hasn't actually broken any laws, so just gets beaten up and left free. Not before Tiger Girl takes his stone off him though, obviously.

No sub-plots here - at my daughter's insistence to get on with things I didn't have time to come up with any that made any sense, but at the last moment threw in the dinosaurs. It turned out that was her favourite part of the game - who were the dinos going to attack next?

What wacky adventure will come next? There is Dr Braineater, but I haven't painted up his zombies yet. It will possibly be Baron Death and Zol-Torr working together. I have a plan...