Saturday, 18 June 2016

Woodland Indians, Vikings, a geriatric hillbilly woman and Oliver Cromwell walk into a bar...

And they all say ouch.
Seriously, how was I supposed to end that title? It refers of course, to the latest batch of painting for Geoff. Without further ado, here is the parade:
These are some of the Blue Moon Woodland Indians.
And their three friends.
Gripping Beast berserkers. I'd be crazy too, if I lived that close to the North pole and wandered around shirtless.
'So ya'll want my guns sonny? Come and get 'em!'
The Seventeenth Century's answer to the Cromwell tank...
I have marking to do and reports to write, so it is unlikely that I'll be posting anything much in the coming fortnight - but you never know! The next item on the painting tray will be Japanese tanks for Craig.