Monday, 6 June 2016

My Wargaming Week 11

Managed to get a dozen figures painted for Geoff this week. These are Mutton Chop Early War British. Really nice figures, with quite fine detail:

 Geoff bought the AK Interactive British WWI Uniform triad and sent it through for me to try. I have to say that I'm really pleased with the resulting colour. I felt that the final highlight colour was too stark a contrast with the other shads, being too tan for my liking, so I ended up mixing it with the base shade. It has neat that some of the definition is lost, but I think it looks more realistic.

I e-mailed Geoff and admitted that I was too scared to try and paint eyes on these figures, but then I plucked up the courage and did so this morning. They are barely noticeable, but they are there!

I also managed to get a couple of Heroclix repaints in. Below are Nuclein and Compost:
Wham! Take that Compost!
And here's are the 20+ year old design sketch of Compost:
He's built out of a combo of Man-Thing and Swamp-Thing:

Man-Thing with Swamp-Thing's head - incredibly easy conversion for one of my favourite baddies! The Prince of Putrescence was actually born at about the same time as Nuclein, who has here been made out of Ace from the Royal Flush Gang:
I knew what he would be as soon as I spotted the model!

My first ever drawing of Nuclein. If the pose looks vaguely familiar it is because it was copied off Todd MacFarlane's picture of the Hulk from the Handbook to the Marvel Universe update '88. No-one drew the Hulk as good as MacFarlane, before or since. You may disagree, but I'm entitled to my opinion because it's right.

This week I have some Samurai to paint for Geoff, and then I think I'll do the last dozen figures that he sent through. Then Craig's Japanese tanks. At the same time I am going to try and squeeze in a few more heroes and villains. Although Nuclein was originally designed a s a member of Delta Wave, he is actually going to be part of the Protectorate with Hoplite, Stormchild and, yes, a new Aura!



  1. Very nice job on the British infantry!

  2. Stunning work on the Brit's Nate! Geoff will be well pleased.

  3. Love the look of those Tommies, and that's an interesting mix of Man-Thing and Swamp-Thing you've put together too. Nice work painting Nuclein too,lovely muscle-work.

  4. I agree that the Mutton Chop are great to paint. If you mix them with the Footsore figures (also designed by Paul Hicks) you can get a platoon in which every figure is different...I must get back into WWI again...

  5. Looking good, nice figs and nice paint job