Saturday, 11 June 2016

Samurais and Supers

I finished off another ten figures for Geoff today - some North Star Ronin figures. This was a mix of figures from the Bandit Buntai and Koryu Buntai sets. They are really very nice figures to paint.
Four Koryu Buntai figures
And from the back where the patterning is a bit more obvious. Not sure if the holes in their butt-cheeks are meant to be for sword scabbards?
Some bandits runing amok
The other three bandits from the group
I think I have my recipe for Japanese flesh down pat now. Base coat of Chocolate brown, mid coat of US tan earth, followed by a mix of tanned earth and flat flesh. Then a wash with a fleshtone wash. What do you think?

I also finished off the Protectorate - my second Superhero team.
The gang all together - Aura, Nuclein, Hoplite and Stormchild
Here's the three members who haven't been featured yet, along with their super powers.
Hoplite. He needs a shield design, but not too sure what it will be yet. Power armour.
Aura. She is a conversion of the DC Ice Heroclix figure. Force fields.
Stormchild. A straight-forward repaint of Mary Marvel. Lightning and stuff.
I haven't really thought much about their origin etc. They must be a fairly tight-knit group to go in for the whole uniform colour look. I've toyed with the idea of them being employed by the European Union - would explain the colours and uniform - and having them be from France, Austria, Greece and Germany (a blond with blitz powers - why not make her German?). This would leave the door open for expansion to include some other nationalities. I'm not even sure who the leader is. Maybe Stormchild - it would be nice to have a woman in charge. Powers are also ill-defined at the moment. I'll come up with something for Clobberin' Time, run them against some villains and see where we go from there.

The next Super gang will definitely have to be some bad guys and gals!

I have a ton of marking to do this weekend and it looks like it will run into next week (why do Year 13s feel the need to use every page in their exam booklets... sigh), but I'm determined to finish the last dozen figures for Geoff this week. They should be complete by next weekend.



  1. Very nice work, love those samurai.

  2. What a splendid group of Samurais, great colors!

  3. Excellent brushwork! Love the Supers!

  4. Excellent brushwork! Love the Supers!

  5. Fantastic work all round Nate!

  6. Very fine brushwork, Nathan! The patterns on the Samurai robes are quite outstanding

  7. Lovely minis, I like the attention to detail on the Koryu Buntai clothes! The sakura trees are also a nice touch! Keep it up.