Thursday, 28 January 2016

The first figure for 1588

It hasn't all been splinter cam and field grey in the last few days. In between colours on the fallshirmjager I thought I'd paint up a test figure from the Sgt Major Minis Border Reivers.
Senor Geraldo Lopez
So here is a Spanish sword and buckler man, ready to create mischief for the Virgin Queen and her domain. He doesn't have a particularly original name, but then Spanish is not really my language.
Next post will be Fallshirmjager.



  1. Great start Nate. Lovely vibrant colours and hopefully the start of a cracking project :-)

  2. Superb stuff and you probably enjoyed doing something completely different too.

  3. Very nice work on this one. Good to see the old Vendel figs painted up so lively.

  4. Nice work! I especially like the herringbone detailing on the tunic/jerkin/buffcoat.

  5. Thanks guys. Hopefully I'll dig into the rest of teh Spanish faction soon.