Sunday, 24 January 2016

A week away

The family got back yesterday from a trip down to the capital city, Wellington. It was a great stay and we got through heaps of things - Te Papa museum, the Beehive, the zoo, the Planetarium etc. Of interest to my fellow gamers, though, will be my trip to the National War Memorial. Peter Jackson and WETA workshops have put together an exhibit on the First World War that rivals any that I have seen anywhere else in the world. And that is before you see the Chunuk Bair diorama that so many wargamers contributed their painting time to. Here are some photos:

A trench scene from the 1915 section
A big gun.
1916, and a Mk I tank busts out of the wall.
And runs over a trench with some poor German defenders in it.
Chunuk Bair - frantic Turkish attacks mounted against the Wellington Regiment.
Another distant view of a Turkish attack. The diorama is vast. You forget that you are looking at 54mm figures there are just so many of them.
And I had to take a photo of the German uniform for reference.
I went through at the end of our second day by myself, just before closing, and was so impressed I made the family come through with me the next day. The exhibition is meant to be dismantled after 1918, but this would be a tragedy. It is world class and deserves to be permanent. I'll certainly be writing to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to advocate that it remains.

We came home via New Plymouth to visit the festival of lights at Pukekura park. Then I drove home yesterday, and am pretty knackered as a result. Back to work tomorrow.


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