Friday, 15 January 2016

First Napoleonic French unit

The first figures off the painting tray for 2016 were meant to be 28mm Fallshirmjager, but after putting the base coat down on the smock and trousers I saw a little unit of poor lonely French infantry sitting there all forlorn, and knew that I must paint them. 
The 9e Ligne - my first Napoleonic unit in a long time.
No flags will be used for the French - traditionally they just took the eagle into battle. And the poles are too short to put a decent sized flag on.
Like the Crimean War project, this one is going to be strictly base colour and blackline style.
I knew they wouldn't take long - three hours in total - due to the black-line single colour style I was planning to use. I really like this aesthetic, and will probably paint all of the pocket projects in this style (apart from the Great Northern War, which is already painted in two tone).

The fallshirmjager will be the next to roll off the painting tray. I finished the camo last night, now it is just the webbing and accoutrements which I should get done tomorrow night, a wash and the bases. Tonight is games night around at John's place.

In the last 48 hours I have already changed my mind about one of the projects this year. The 1965 India-Pakistan War will be scrapped in favour of building an Indian Flames of War force for Burma 1945. I have the Shermans and infantry, I just need the rest of the supports. I assume with the Pacific being released this year that a Burma book might appear in 2017 or 2018, but for now I plan to use the Indian list from the Cassino book and John can use the Rising Sun book, because it isn't like the Japanese equipment list changed a great deal is it? Sherman vs Chi-ha? Bring it on!

The change in plans is actually based around leaving enough space in my cabinet for a Byzantine and Sassanid pocket project. Again I'll be looking at using a Lion Rampant adaptation for Belisarius and his boys.
SUCH a good book!
Yesterday Dragon Rampant arrived and I read through it last night. I absolutely loved it. The tone is perfect and makes you want to play the game much more than anything GW ever put out. It could have done with a bit more proof reading in places, but this doesn't detract from a great game system produced with an obvious love for 'old school' fantasy gaming. Now, where are my killer sheep?



  1. Great start to the New Year, Natholeon. Fancy doing a bit of Naps myself this year,and that's an inspiring unit you've posted there.

  2. Three hours? They do look really striking!

  3. I'm with Legatus on this one. Three hours? Unbelievable!
    Great job on the brushwork and the Lancashire French Nap. look quite good.

  4. Excellent paint work Nate! Very good for 3 hours.

  5. That really is impressive for three hours work!

  6. Incredible! Love this job...

  7. Thanks everybody. I tried to work out if I was exaggerating the time, but it was one hour on Monday night and two hours Tuesday. Of course, I had spent 10 minutes on undercoating earlier and probably 20 minutes all up for basing, so shall we say 3 and a half hours in total?