Thursday, 16 July 2015

Painted prizes

Ray's giveaway in technicolour!
8 Victorian types.
Just a reminder, this is how they looked when last spotted on his website:
'Won't somebody paint us, please?'
And now for the obligatory close-ups:
2 Victorian about town types 
Two private investigators
Ready to go hunting
This looked like Jack the Ripper, but he only had a tiny knife and his head was on backwards (?). A couple of quick conversions and here we are.
Cabin boy and Turkish chap
I had an ulterior motive to getting these guys painted so fast. They are destined for Geoff's games table as a way of saying thanks for all of the LotR figures he sent me. I must confess, that was my hoped for intention from the moment I entered Ray's giveaway, but the universe has balanced itself quite nicely.
So these figures will be joining some others that I was painting for Geoff anyway:
Can you see who that is over there?
It's just Jamal looking grumpy as usual.
'So where is this giant snake you said was out here Mr Jack?'
'Oh you'll see it soon my love.'
Google 'Swami' and what you get is lots of orange. They call it saffron, but it's orange.
'I say, have you seen any elephants around here old chap?'
'Steady on old chap, I've got the beggar right in my sights!'
I have two SAGA warlords to paint tonight and then should be sending these all off tomorrow.
I've altered my style a tad recently in light of the tips that I've got from the 'Painting Wargames Figures' book, and am now leaving black lines to break up colours. Is it noticeable? Do people prefer the more recent figures or the older style, or quite probably - haven't noticed a difference?

Meantime, I've undercoated a couple of units of 15mm Swedes just to try and make a little progress on that project before returning to 28mm Romans and Gauls. I've also tarted up an old piece of terrain I found in the attic the other day:
Why I shouldn't be allowed to try DIY on my house.
It's one of the card buildings out of the third Warhammer Fantasy Battles boxed set, but I've strengthened it with polyfilla and a base. I'm pretty sure the top part at the front is missing, but it was well lost somewhere. Should make a good piece of terrain for some LotR gaming, or even Lion/Dragon Rampant.



  1. Mighty fine painting Nate! I'm sure Geoff is gonna love 'em!

    1. Thanks for the prize draw Ray. It's all worked out well for everyone.

  2. Great looking characters, these minis are really nice...and this house is wonderful!

    1. Thanks Phil. I'm not too sure who the manufacturers are. Maybe Ray can shed some light?

  3. Very nice painting Nate :)

  4. Outstanding work Nate! I can see the black lines now that I'm looking for them, but otherwise they don't stand out. I think they add a certain crispness to the finished result, while being subtle themselves. Either way, I'm a bit in awe of your brush skills! :-)

    1. Thanks for the critique Paul, glad you like them.

  5. Replies
    1. Cheers Rodger. Hopefully appearing on a table near you soon.

  6. Great brushwork on a fine gaggle of characters.