Monday, 6 July 2015

Mid year update

At the beginning of this year I outlined my plans for 2015. I thought it might be fun to review where I am at with these.
Plan 1 - WWI 1914 in 15mm. Grand total of elements painted = 9. Elements left to paint = I can't count that high. But I have bought armies for the big five - France, Germany, Britain, Russia, and Austria-Hungary.

All of these photos are merely a recap and have appeared before in previous posts.

OK, so that is one project that isn't going anywhere very fast. How about project number 2?

Plan 2 - the Great Northern War in 15mm:
1 battalion of Swedes
1 battalion of Russians
A redoubt - at least the terrain is sorted...
So 1 battalion of Swedes and 1 battalion of Russians. Pretty good. That only leaves 12 battalions of 16 foot, 5 guns, and 9 units of 8 cavalry left to go. Almost there! Not.

Plan 3 - Gallic Wars Eagle Rampant in 28mm. These are my forces for the conversion of Lion Rampant for the Roman world. I have 15 units to paint along with casualties for battered markers and some civilians and carts etc. Of these I have completed 4 units.

But I've also completed this awesome fort
Not too bad, but I had hoped to have this project a bit further along by now.

Plan 4 - DBA Punic Wars - sold the figures. I guess that isn't going anywhere.
Plan 5 - DBA Samurai - still have the figures but now planning to use them for Commands and Colours instead. Project way down priority list.

Plan 6 - play more Star Wars. You must have seen all of the AARs on this blog for my Star Wars games? No? 6 fails from 6 so far then. 

Plan 7 - the things I'm not likely to get to this year - 
28mm WWII Bolt Action - very unlikely - I've sold all the figures.
15mm Hordes of the Empire - still have the figures, but packed away in a box somewhere.
Purchasing 15mm armies for Dux Bellorum - Maybe in 2018? Right off the radar.
Pie in the sky plans - things I'm interested in but don't know if I could make them happen:
The Russo-Polish War 1919-21 (Peter Pig) - nope
The Taiping Rebellion (Irregular) - nope
Aztecs and Conquistadores (Black Hat) - nope, but a little more on this further down
The War of the Triple Alliance (QRF/Freikorps) - YES! I've bought the armies. But I haven't painted them.
The War of the Pacific (Chile, Peru and Bolivia) (Outpost) - Nope
The Chaco War (Irregular) - Nope
The Sikh Wars (Black Hat) - Nope
German-Danish War 1864 - Nope

Plan 8 - Planning to buy WWI Russians in 15mm - Yes!

Commissions for Geoff:

OK, so I make that 95 28mm figures I've painted for Geoff, plus a dozen figures for John and two Battlefront Afrika Korps units for Terry. I think that is a pretty good output for half a year, but it does mean I need to be a bit more realistic about how many personal projects I expect to complete this year. 

Nate's mark for 2015 - F (or Not Achieved in the NCEA school system)

2015 - the new improved version

Plan 1 - to complete the forces for Eagle Rampant.

The end.

Well, not quite. I'm planning to put together a Star Wars variant of the Lord of the Rings rules and PLAY SOME GAMES before the end of the year!
These holidays I'm aiming to get all of my WWI figures based up (I paint them on their bases), glue together the last box of WotR infantry and finish the latest batch of figures for Geoff.
I want to get some more 28mm Perry Samurai for the Lord of the Rings variant that Geoff sent me.
I want to get some Outpost games Aztecs and Conquistadors for another LotR variant.
Geoff has got me an excellent start on some forces for Lord of the Rings, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for bargains to expand this.
The Sudan project will go on the back-burner while I concentrate on buying forces and terrain for the above.
I want to get into the 15mm WWI project when the Gallic Wars are finished. This will probably be the aim for 2016. One project a year is probably the most realistic expectation for so long as I look at painting other people's figures, but I am enjoying the variation in the commissions and a lot of this stuff wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for commission money. I've also reached a point where all of the projects in my cabinets are passion projects. The wars and eras that I've loved since childhood and always wanted to game. I doubt I'll be selling anything from these collections from now on.



  1. Well you have done very well with the stuff for Geoff. However the only figures that I can see that have appeared in any game would be the two young ladies that are looking for their clothes! They are in the tower as the prize in this game!

    See photo number 8!

    1. Good to see them out and about. I'm sure the others will appear on the table in due course.

  2. Your first half output looks pretty good to me! Even though your personal goals may have suffered, I bet Geoff is pleased!

    Samurai for Commands & Colors is a great way to field Samurai in an interesting and challenging game. We have been using the Commands & Colors based Samurai Battles and it is great fun.

    Looking forward to seeing your second half plans develop.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I guess the F mark is only for my projects. Looking back I'm pretty please with the amount and quality of the painting I've been doing.
      I'm looking forward to giving C and C a run. I have all of these board games that haven't been used yet. I'm also hoping to remedy that in the next half year.

  3. Hoping for some more GNW - the world needs more of it ;)


    1. Too true FMB. All I can say is watch this space... and watch some more... and eventually...

  4. If only the rest of us were that productive mate!