Sunday, 8 September 2019

The Battle for El Boa river - the set-up

Having played a Post of Honour game a few weeks back I've been keen to get a second game in, but this time I want to have a few more units on the board. Recently Phil Olley posted an old scenario from Wargamer's Newsletter on his blog, the battle of the River Elbow. He has put together a scenario from it called the Battle of the Elbaubach for his Wars of the Vaubarian Succession. This was played out at the Cotswald Wargaming Day which I was unfortunately unable to attend due to 18,474 kilometres of distance, but luckily Keith Flint's blog linked above and Chris Gregg's blog gave me plenty of photos of Phil's set-up for me to adapt it to my collection.
The only problem was that I didn't have enough units painted, so the last two weeks has seen me scurrying to get everything that I need painted - interrupted, of course, by the inevitability of work and life. I had hoped the result would be a game today, but as I have only just finished flocking the last bases, that may not be possible. Nevertheless, I have set up the table, and here are a few photos before I get down to the serious business of gaming.

Looking from the Allied side of the table towards the Confederate lines across the River El Boa

Another panoramic shot down the river with the armies deployed on each side.

The Miquelets, now finished and based with a command stand

A side view showing the flag. Lighting is poor today, so I've had to use the flash for photos from this angle.

Opposite we have some Spanish paisanos.

The view from behind the Confederate lines.

The French brigade, which I belted out in the last couple of weeks.

The Spanish Brigade

Close-up of the new French gun.

Confederate infantry with, from left to right, Starhembeg's Austrians, Rivers' English and St.Amant's Dutch
The French general commanding the Allied left wing

I'm looking forward to playing the Post of Honour rules again. I'll put up a battle report when I'm done.



  1. Awesome set up, love the Miquelets...Promising!

    1. Thanks Phil. I'm looking forward to playing the game soon!

  2. Those look really nice !! I like specially the Migueletes!

    1. Thanks Jose. Your blog has been a real inspiration for me, especially your Spanish units!