Saturday, 31 August 2019

Mortal Gods AAR - the daughter of Hades strikes!

I set up a game of Mortal Gods today, mostly just to put my newly painted scenery out. Craig bought me the Mediterranean farm set from Sarissa Precision for my birthday, and I've been happily whipping it into shape. The farmhouse is painted, although I have a lot of little details I plan to add to it, so  it is in no way finished, yet is in an OK state to be played with.
My eldest daughter has an interest in Greek mythology (thanks Rick Riordan) and I thought she might enjoy playing a game, so I roped her into it. This was actually my first non-solo game of MG.
We rolled dice for the set up and scenario, and it worked perfectly, with one side (the Athenians deploying in the centre of the board - in the farmhouse. The Spartans got the corners and chose to deploy in just two of them. The mission would see an objective pop up in turn three which might be in the farmhouse, or on either side of it. Cassie chose Athenians, because they're smart, which was a smart choice, as my Spartans weren't...
Initial set up. Please excuse the lighting - the garage windows are behind me as I took photos. Cassie deployed in the farm, with my lights in the closest corner and my heavies at the other end of the board.

Turn one was a disaster for the Spartans. The first omen card I drew saw my heroes take damage every time they activated, and they were seriously weakened by the time they made it into combat range. Cassie's Promachos killed my Promachos quickly and effectively. 

There he is, the poor old bugger. Got in one whole hit before it was lights out. 

By the end of turn two I had seriosusly weakened a unit of Periopoloi, but my Akontistai were in charge range, and about to have pain rained down on them. At about this stage my lochagos also departed this world. Too late I remembered about injuries for heroes, but we'd moved on too far by then...

Turn three and the objective turned up on the far side of the farmhouse, perfectly covered by the Athenian Toxotoi in the top room.

My Akontistai and Peripoloi fought a desperate action to absorb Cassie's inattention, but she moved her Akontistai to get them to the objective.

The situation in the final turn - my hoplites have come around the corner, but they can't reach the range to contest the objective.  Spartan defeat!
This was the first wargame Cassie has ever played with me, and she won. I'm hopeful that means that she will play again, as it was nice having an opponent, even if she did beat me. Then again, if I hadn't drawn that damn omen card..!

The Persians are all undercoated and ready to be painted for Mortal Gods, but I have a few things in the queue before them. I'm also waiting on Mortal Gods Mythic as I'm sure the daughter will be very keen on that.



  1. A nice report...around a beautiful building!

    1. Thanks Phil. It is a great kit - I'm looking forward to finishing it off at some point in the near future.