Friday, 13 April 2018

The Wildbeasts expand their numbers

Having finished Mike's Cold War British Infantry I turned to my pet project (pun intended). I've decided that my little warband for Burrows and Badgers will be a Wildbeasts warband, and when I expand it I will be buying some more warrior figures (my eyes are on the Black Rat, Clan Ferret and Marmot merc). But for now I've kept with the theme suggested by the Sparrow Warrior's Tartan: green and gold. These are my old school colours, but it isn't nostalgia, rather aesthetics that draws me to that combination. It is unfortunate that they also happen to be the colours of Australia (my school rugby team were confused for Aussie tourists more than once), but hopefully their performance on the battlefield will remove that stain of shamešŸ˜‰.

My beginning warband, minus their leader. The Wildcat is on his way though.

Dormouse with sling. My ranged warrior.

Mole Mercenary. After time fighting in foreign countries, he has returned to his home in the borderlands to help his compatriots.

Squirrel Witch. Casting a nature-based spell.

The new additions together.
And my rulebook was posted off to me this week! Can't wait.