Sunday, 8 April 2018

Liberation Time (now with extra vodka)!

Yes, the glorious Soviet Army is finally ready to liberate the Western world of capitalism, imperialism and their denim jeans!
Doesn't seem that many...

Craig arrives on Friday, and Saturday will be our inaugural Team Yankee tournament, between him, me, John and Mike. Mike's army will hopefully be pretty much painted; Craig's is now finished; with typical German efficiency mine was the first one completed; and John's should hopefully be glued together by the weekend😆!

The games will feature some Blue on Blue unfortunately, but that can't be helped. My Soviets are put together but I wouldn't dare field them naked! Besides, I really want to take the West Germans for a run.

OK, maybe it is many.

Steel legions of the Red Army - T-72s.

The commander has dozer blades - probably to shift dead T-72s out of the way.

Afgantsy heavy weapons.

The Hind. Six of these babies in the army. Time to get the AA rattling!

Afgantsy company commander. The army includes 2 formations.

Shilkas. These little fellas are devastating to aircraft.

Carnations. What is a Soviet army without heavy artillery support?
So in a week I'll hopefully have a few battle reports for you. My next goal is finishing Mike's British infantry. They're already started so shouldn't take too long.



  1. Impressive strike force, tovarich!

  2. Wow, that is impressive! Very nice work Nate.

  3. Wow! That's an impressive looking force.

  4. That is quite a force you have build up there. It will be fun to get them on to the tabletop.

  5. Thanks everyone. I really like the look of this army, and anticipate getting my own T-64s up and running. But this weekend I am all about sending these guys up in flames with the guns on my Leopard 2s!