Friday, 2 February 2018

Colonial Marines and choppers

The start of the new school year has been keeping me busy, but I finally put the last touches on a set of 5 Prodos Colonial Marines for Glenn last night. This was really just a trial run to see how they would come out.
The five figures all together

 The details on them were just too fine to paint eyes on unfortunately, but the camo was relatively easy. Glenn wanted them 'kind of dark', like in the movie, so that was the effect I was going for.

After much wheeling and dealing Craig has ended up back with the Team Yankee Soviets, and I'm painting it for him. These Hinds will carry the Afgantsy into battle.

That doesn't mean that I'm not going to have any Soviets though - I've planned out a T-64 based army list, and the first elements are already on their way. This is of course, a natural extension of getting those West Germans painted. It would also explain this why I now have several boxes of Battlefront West German stuff sitting on my table ready to be put together. So much for project management and planning...
I always planned to do Team Yankee this year,honest...
The last of the Seven Years War battalions are also slowly getting done as well.



  1. Sweet. Got to love the style of the Colonial marines. I so wish they had been metal or hard plastic and not resin.

    1. Hi Simon. I was worried about the fine detail in resin too - especially when I bent a camera over while gluing them together. But the camera didn't break, it just bent back into place. So if you're worried about fragility, I think they'll be fine.