Friday, 30 June 2017

Who do you think...

... you are kidding Mr Hitler?
Yep, the Dad's Army figures are finished and I thought I should post them because they are some of the finest sculpts I have ever put a brush to. I often say that there are figures that just poaint themselves - once you get started everything just falls into place without difficulty. That is what happened wit hthese figures, which capture the likenesses of the cast so perfectly. Just to clarify, these are the Wargames Foundry figures as opposed to the more recent Warlord Games offerings.
Anyway, onot the figures:
'Don't Panic! Stupid Boy! They don't like it up 'em! (if you don'tunderstand this caption then you are missing out on one of the greatest TV sitcoms ever written!)

Godfrey, Walker and Fraser with some extras.

The Verger, the Vicar and the Warden.
These will be on their way to Geoff tomorrow, and for me it is onto some English Civil War figures for a bit.



  1. Brilliant. They really do look right.

  2. Perfect! I have just arrived home from Geoff's place and we were discussing future games using these very figures.

  3. Excellent paint job! Now to get some of Dad's Army on bicycles....

  4. Marvellous work, Natholeon, especially the highlighting on the starch brown uniforms - that is beautifully done, sir!

  5. Indeed they are lovely figures Nathan and you have done a great job on them!

  6. Wow, you are correct Nat, these figures are all totally recognizable from the YV series I watched as a 10 year old in the early 70's - what a talented sculptor to produce this level in such a small scale - your paint work is pretty good too!

  7. Wow, fantastic minis indeed, well done!