Monday, 5 June 2017

More shiny experimentation

Relatively happy with my test figures for the French and Indian Wars I decided to see how some of the other units would look. This included a French soldier from the Guyenne regiment, a Black Watch Highlander and a Coureur de Bois.
 I've now decided to paint in the eyes. It livens up the faces quite considerably.
 The Coureur got a little bit of drybrushing for his hat and a wash with army painter strong tone ink (as opposed to the dip). The green on the black watch tartan is quite bright but I wanted a strong contrast with the blue.
 And another shot of the updated 43rd Regiment figures with the undergrowth on their bases and eyes.
 And just in case you thought that I had forsaken my black undercoat and traded in my 3 layer technique, here are the latest figures that I've painted for Geoff, some Mutton Chop British infantry from the opening of the Great War.
The shiny toy soldiers are only going to be for the French and Indian War and the English Civil War projects. I haven't retired the matt varnish permanently.

Currently I'm still painting for Geoff, and for my own collection I will leave the experiment until later and return to completing the 28mm Marlburian project.



  1. Good looking figures, all around, Nathan. I think I prefer the flatter finish of the WWI Brits to the FIW project although glossy figures does have some appeal to me for certain projects.

  2. Splendid work all round and interesting to see the contrast between the matt and gloss varnish finishes.

  3. You have to love those Mutton Chop figures. I bought some when the first came out and have been meaning to get more ever since.

  4. I like the shiny, although not on large scale WW1 figures.

  5. Excellent work there Nathan. Geoff will be very pleased with the WW1 fig's, I am sure.

  6. terrific work all around. The shiny finish on the SYW figures adds to their charm, somehow. I like the eyes as well, especially as you have avoided the common mistake (I am bad at it) of giving them a wide-eyed stary look. These are just right and give them character and a sense of determination.