Sunday, 28 May 2017

Further figures for Spain 1705

The plan this year is to devote more blog time to battle reports and less to 'look what I've painted' posts. The rationale is that this will encourage me to play games, and so far it has worked, I guess. I've certainly got more gaming in than this time last year.

Sometimes, though, it is nice to have an occasional post that updates where a project is, and the Peterborough in Spain project is now past the half way mark, with the Allied army only two units and the Bourbon army 3 units away from completion.

First up are my Miquelets (commanded shot).
These are Warlord Games Firelock figures with coats greenstuffed on their backs.
A view from the rear gives a better idea of their coats, hanging from their left shoulder.
And a close up, although the auto-focus seems far more concerned with the trees in the background...
One of the two units from the Spanish Toledo Regiment
A different angle without so much glare. I need to replace the lighting in the shed, as both battens have now died.
I like the 'not quite uniform' look of the Toledo regiment, simply from giving them different hats. I need to paint up a militia unit, one more infantry unit and the dragoons for the Bourbons, and a British foot unit and some Spanish dragoons (yes there were Spanish on both sides) for the Allies.