Wednesday, 26 April 2017

With Peterborough in the Peninsula

The latest project is a skirmish campaign set in Spain, using Wargames Factory figures (now Warlord Games) and the Pikeman's Lament rules.
British infantry from River's regiment of foot (Shot with close order and first salvo)
And grenadiers from the same regiment (Forlorn Hope)
Pearce's Dragoons (Gallopers)
Spanish grenadiers of the Toledo regiment (Forlorn Hope). All of the Spanish should have belly pouches for their ammunition, but this was a conversion step too far.
Spanish foot from the Toledo Regiment (Shot with close order and first salvo)
Spanish cavalry of the Milan regiment (Trotters)
I don't know for sure that the Toledo regiment was there, and the presence of the Milan cavalry is pure conjecture, but sources for the Spanish in this war are pretty difficult to come by.

A plate with some uniform info, including the Milan regiment. The miquelets are on the painting tray now, and I have more Spanish cavalry to do for both sides.

I know I said I was only going to post battle reports, but I am enjoying this project, and want to document its progress.



  1. Stunning job Nate, they look superb, especially River's regiment imo...

  2. Tremendous work Nate, lovely Sir.

  3. Awesome work on these guys Nate!

  4. Excellent work all but I especially like the Spanish!

  5. excellent. There are some very good works on the war but many are in spanish. Try "On Military Matters" for a search.

    1. Cheers Paul. I just got hold of the Spanish Army of Philip V and it has helped quite a bit.

  6. Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I love this period.

  7. Excellent work, its a great period to play and paint, but sometimes can be a nightmare finding out info! As you are finding out!