Saturday, 29 April 2017

A quick fix up

It seems that what coast were introduced to the Spanish army from 1703 on - for the cavalry! But it has become clear that the infantry didn't start to change until late 1706/1707. Which is great news for those that want to paint a very pretty multi-coloured Spanish army, but bad news for the figures I've already painted white. I'm not an absolute stickler for historical accuracy, after all, my Spanish don't have belly pouches for their ammunition, but where possible I at least like them to be dressed in the correct colours. What to do?

It turns out that the allies had the Dutch St Amant Regiment on the boat with Peterborough, that had exactly the same colour scheme as the Spanish. So my white clad chaps went over to the other side without a whimper and now I have to paint Spanish troops in the dark blue with red of the Toledo regiment. Such a simple solution could not be found for my Spanish grenadiers with their lovingly sculpted sheepskin hats, so a repaint was in order.
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And here they are. This is the colour scheme that the rest of the Spanish infantry will have as well, and in fact I passed over the miquelets and began painting them last night.