Friday, 19 June 2015

Painting Wargaming Figures

This isn't a full review as it only dropped into my letterbox today, but this book is fantastic! I've already used the suggested colours to paint the red on my Marlburian Brits tonight.
Buy this book. Can't put it any clearer than that.
It hasn't really taught me any new techniques as such, but has given me some great colour combinations that I can use as standardised triads in my painting.The thing I love most about it is that it uses Vallejo as the paints range of choice, just like I do. No trying to match colours from other ranges incorrectly with my colour blindness! I'll try and do a more meaningful review a bit later in conjunction with showcasing the finished Brits, so probably next week some time.



  1. Would this book still be useful to those not using Vallejo paints or painting in the triad method?

    1. Probably not Jonathan. It has some talk of making patinas and using the army painter, but nothing most people wouldn't already know.

    2. Appreciate the honest evaluation. I will pass (for now).