Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fools Russian...

A test element of Lancashire Games 15mm WWI Russians.
The view from the Austro-Hungarian front
The view from the German front
To be honest, the idea that the Germans always beat the Russians who always beat the Austrians is pretty unfair. There were plenty of defeats for all the players on the Eastern Front in 1914.
The Russians are painted in Vallejo khaki pants and khaki mixed with light brown for their gymnastiorkas. On reflection I might use khaki-grey for the latter. All is shaded with Army Painter strong tone ink. The cap badge was white , orange and black, and I've painted it red... oops. I'll fix that up tonight.



  1. Very nice job on this vignette sir, love the poses...and the different vues!

  2. These look very very nice Nate! Nice work!