Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rostovski regiment

The first of the Russian regiments for the Great Northern War is finished.
Prepared to defend Mother Russia from the Swedes.
I chose the Rostovski regiment because I wanted to sort out the green that I'm going to use for the Russian regiments, and their kartuz is all green. I also like the look of the yellow cuffs and it also shows off the red/green contrast with their stockings. The figures are Irregular Miniatures.
I also did a little experiment to see what would happen if I based my 15mm Old Glory DBA figures and then painted them.  I did this with the Crieman War figures and it worked fine, but these guys a re a little bulkier.
Hastati advancing past a built up area
Hastati retreating into a built up area.
I don't think that they came out too bad, and painting them wasn't too awkward, so I might base them all up and then paint a whole army.
Now, on to Geoff's Japanese civilians.



  1. Nate, "you don't think they (Hastati) came out too bad?" They look bloody brilliant to me! I would enjoy seeing an entire army of these fine fellows.

  2. Much better than mine anyway...great job!

  3. Great work Nate! They all look wonderful to me!

  4. Have I mentioned before that I'm maybe just a wee bit envious of your abilities with a paint brush? These look great! I've always painted my figures first, then based them. I just know I'd get paint all over a finished one as I work on its neighbour!

  5. Thanks for all of the positive comments guys. The two tone layered technique always gives a better effect than black-lining, I just wasn't sure I could do it on figures already based up. The hastati is the first element in a Big Battle DBA Polybian Roman army that is a little way down the track (after commissions, Great Northern War and WWI).