Saturday, 20 September 2014

The up side... selling off your lovingly painted miniatures is the rumble of the courier van in the driveway.
A week since my last delivery, here is the latest:
1918 Germans for the Flames of War Great War rules
Here are the contents of the box set
A big thank you to Caliver Books who delivered this in record time from the United Kingdom - 5 days to the other side of the world! I tried to order the Stoss-platoon as well, but it is not in stock yet. I'll order it later on when all of the WWI terrain becomes available as I'm quite keen on the shattered battlefields and large craters with ruined house.

Also turning up:
Fantastic packaging!
I ordered some Flames of War bases from Sarissa Precision. I have been using Minibits as my go-to for MDF, but they don't make FoW shaped bases, so this was my first order with Sarissa. I'm very impressed with the service and the product, but in particular the packaging. Most companies that export MDF use jiffy bags. This was a box with polystyrene and bubble wrap! I purchased enough bases for the 1914 German and French armies coming from Lancashire Games, but I can guarantee I'll need more in the future, and these guys look like they will be my first point of call.

Still more goodies to come. I can't wait.

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