Saturday, 20 September 2014

Lord Curr's Company

After selling off all of my In Her Majesty's Name companies I was still left with the unpainted Lord Curr's Company. I asked Geoff if he was interested in them if I painted them, and he said yes, so I guess this is something of a commission.
The full company of 11 figures.
Some of the Incorrigibles.
More Incorrigibles
The characters - Lord Curr, Mad Mick, Mohan Singh and Lady Felicity
So there they all are, Christchurch bound. I thought I'd put them here so Geoff can decide if he is happy with them.
I have to admit, it was very therapeutic getting the brushes out after all of that marking.


  1. Splendid, love the Incorrigibles!

  2. I was round at Geoff's last night and had a look at the other guys you sold him! Excellent work!

    Buy them Geoff!!!!

    1. The deal is done Rodger! You can look forward to helping Geoff push them around the tabletop in the near future!

  3. Fantastic work! VSF/Steampunk figures look cool, I'd collect them just to display and not even game with, especially if they looked as good as these.

    1. Thanks Paul. They are indeed very cool looking, and really enjoyable to paint. But the way I see it, if they just sit in my cabinet, then I might as well keep the photos for memories and turn them into active participants on someone else's table!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks John. Every time I think my painting is getting better I produce a shocker, but these figures are so nice to start with it is hard to make a mess of them.