Thursday, 22 May 2014

I've been liebstered

I'm quite excited that Brendon over at the Gamer's Table has nominated me for a Liebster award - a chain letter award system for bloggers to raise the profile of blogs that they like. It isn't quite an Oscar, but certainly better than an Emmy...
The idea is that blogs with less than 200 followers are nominated by a person who has received the award already and the recipient is to pass the award on to 11 blogs they think are worthy of attention. The rule is to copy and paste the award to your blog linking it back to the person who nominated you. It gives exposure and warm fuzzy feelings - and I'm getting all those warm fuzzies now. Also included in the package is the necessity to answer a few questions, so here we go:
1. Why did you start blogging?
To keep me on track with projects; to form a diary of my work; to record what I had painted due to my propensity to sell stuff.
2. If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?
Nothing. It is a great hobby and has provided me with hours of entertainment, some good friends and the zen-like trance that comes over me when painting (where does the time go?).
3. What is best in life?
To be content with oneself and not take anything too seriously.
4. Do you want to live forever?
Yes. I'm really worried that the day after I die some really important discovery or event will happen and I'll never get to know.
5. Fame or fortune?
Fame. Money means nothing compared to happiness and I have that in abundance, but it would be great if in 200 years someone said, 'Remember Nate? Man I wish I could paint toy soldiers like that.'
6. What miniatures are you most proud of having painted?
Photographed before I had totally finished the horse, I believe this miniature from 2010 marks a significant improvement in my painting style.
7. How do you deal with burn out?
Do something different for a bit. 
8. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
They're both in Game of Thrones?
9. Star Wars or Star Trek?
You're kidding right? See my tagline.
10. If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which one would it be?
I'd like to say the Perrys, because I love their figures, but they don't do anything 18th Century, and I'm certain that one day I'll be building the greatest Marlburian wargames armies of all time. So although it would render me totally bankrupt, I'd say Foundry - their range just can't be beaten for variety.
11. What is your favourite takeaway?

Indian. I love a hot curry, even if no-one can be in my vicinity for the next 24 hours...

Which blogs am I passing this on to? I read a lot of blogs with over 200 followers, and they are all in the column to the right, but I'll highlight the following chaps:
Dr Merkury's Lab
The Monkey that Walks
Herkybird's Nest
Wargaming for Grown-ups
Wargaming with Barks
Cor blog me!
Grimsby Wargaming

So eight very worthwhile blogs which deserve to have more than 200 followers.
This is as good a time as any to say thank you to the 80 people who follow my ramblings and to celebrate over 25000 pageviews since December 2012. For a little blog that has been updated on average once a fortnight, I think that it has done OK. I certainly appreciate every comment that is made here.



  1. Thanks for the nomination! And curse you, now I have to choose from so many deserving blogs!

    1. But you've chosen some worthy ones of which I knew nothing before! Now following them - see it really does work!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I would have nominated the Lair but I stayed strictly with the under 200 followers criteria!

  3. Well done mate. Thoroughly deserved!

  4. It's hard to make a choice as there are so many great blogs to follow.

    1. You are right, but thanks for choosing me as one of them!

  5. Thanks, Natholeon! Update coming soon ;)


    1. No problem FMB - thank you for having a great blog!